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Hello Environment!

Anything is actually easier said than done! Specially when you want to completely go green. It feels more like a switch. On and off!

This current wedding that we're working on is completely about caring for the environment. Right from no plastic bottles to completely bio-degradable wedding envelopes to seed paper for the actual invite, to the return favour, we're doing it all.

When we took up the project we really thought, 'A wedding without plastics should be super easy'. But the more we got into it, the tougher it gets. Specially when we need to convince each and every vendor to be very cautious as to what is being used.

We are very excited and thank the bride and the groom for this wonderful, meaningful and challenging opportunity. We can't wait for the D day to see how everything is going to be turning out!

To more such opportunities!

Until the next blog,


Team Vida Weddings

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Succulents make great eco-friendly return favours


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