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Kalyana Samayal Saadam! Wow, don't we all just love eating wedding food? The sweets, the bakshanam and of course the appalaam! Hehe, you guessed it right - we are foodie and South Indian!

Anyways, back to business. When it comes to food, we're all confused! Should we have a large spread? Should we do a minimal spread but a perfect spread? Should we serve buffet style or have a proper sit down meal? Starters to be served inside the hall? The questions never seem to end.

We don't have the perfect answer for you as taste, needs and expectations vary from family to family. Specially when it comes to catering, even the thathas and paatis get a vote!

We suggest sit down meals for 2 simple reasons:

1. It gets messy and way too crowded

2. There are a lot of older people and the plates are awfully heavy to hold!

Truth be told, we enjoy a hearty full course ellai saapadu!

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Team Vida Weddings

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The appalaam and the things that go with it!

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